#RealBuilds Row at the PA Auto Show

Harrisburg, PA – We were asked once again to put together a unique display of aftermarket vehicles for the 2016 Pennsylvania Motor Trend Auto Show. Last year we invited out some of the Best of Show and Top Honors cars from events that use our app all over the East Coast. This year with blizzard conditions looming, and the desire to bring something new and different to the table, we put together a guest list featuring what we had identified as some of the up and coming builders from throughout our local region. This year we were able to eat at the grown-ups table, as our Auto Show contacts asked us to fill a space inside the main hall/expo center area. In addition to gaining larger foot traffic from being on the main show floor, we also had a zip line attraction right next to us – which is where the one and only Quan Smalls climbed up to get this photo.


While an auto show is a bit more quiet than the type of events our builders were used to, it did give a unique opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know each other, and chat about what they had in store for the spring of 2016. We know our Powered by eJudged event list is growing longer each day – and we can’t wait to see some of these projects as well as some others progress and continue to push the limits of our automotive community. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the PA Auto Show, the PA Farm Show Complex, and last but certainly not least everyone who brought their car out with 30+ inches of snow falling just a few days prior to the event. We couldn’t have put together a solid showcase like this one without everyone’s help. Cheers to 2016!

SEMA 2015 x Mothers Shine Award

Las Vegas, NV - We just returned from our annual trip to The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV and we're pretty excited about some good talks we had with friends, clients, and colleagues from the car scene while we were out there. Looking forward to making some interesting moves in 2016. But in the meantime, we attend SEMA every year to see all the new exciting builds and products, as well as to grow our network. But the main event of the week for us and for most is the Mothers Shine Award. This year marked their third year operating with our eJudged iOS app at their fingertips. We are always eager to hear feedback and learn from the panel of all star judges from all over the planet. This year we saw some unbelievable quality builds.

2015-11-04 15.40.30

2015 was sort of a Bizzarro SEMA for us. The weather was cold and raining for a good portion of the week. We watched snow form on the mountaintops from our hotel windows in the morning. But most importantly we were blown away by a number of more personal, individual builds - which stole the show for us - over the usual suspects from the "OEM dollar car" builder game. That is not to say that our friends didn't build impressive new concepts to help market their companies and the manufacturers they partnered with, but we were just overwhelmed by some of the not-so-new to market vehicles that caught our attention and admiration this time around. There was the RyWire Porsche inspired RHD Integra Type R build that finally nailed the concept of a race inspired show car with expert craftsmanship. There was the east coast Legacy Innovations RHD Corrado build that blends the concept of VW Top Dawg Quality and Hot Rodding culture. There was former Ridler Award recipients debuting something fresh. There was yet another Ring Brothers creation - maybe something like an LS7 powered carbon body vintage Mustang for example. But who would've ever thought that Rusty Slammington was going to show up and win the internet all week long. This car was thought to be destroyed in a garage fire, but four years later, it was on display at SEMA... and quite frankly it was all anyone could talk about.

H2O International vs Hurricane Joaquin

Ocean City, MD - The H2O International event is without a doubt one of our favorite events all year long. The end of the season banger for all things VW and Audi has grown to unbelievable heights over the past few years, as it has now become the annual end of the season cruise weekend for seemingly everybody in the car scene. While the show itself is and always will be open to VW and Audi only - with our Ford Transit Connect mobile command station being the only allowed exception to that rule - the city of Ocean City becomes overwhelmed with european, asian, domestic, old school, new school, drift wanna-be, stance inspired, VIP styled, and of course the ridiculously cambered folks as well. It has become such a spectacle that OCPD has to come out in full force and keep the streets safe. This year there was another regulator in town for the weekend, Hurricane Joaquin. As we traveled closer and closer to the beach high winds, horizontal rainfall, and flooding made us wonder how the weekend was going to still happen.


But happen it did. And to be quite honest the Hurricane failed to scare off the H2O faithful. The meets still happened - and we were happy to be accepted at the Mk1/Mk2 meet which was our favorite of the weekend. We were also posted up front and center in front of OC House of Rock for the Official Hurricane Party - hosted by eJudged certified expert judge, Denis Dewar, and our old pal B-Rad Hoffman, of OC Car Show fame. The streets were still popping with people cruising - and those select few people who preferred to be "that guy" were able to gain major scene points by getting their unsafe vehicles impounded by OCPD.

Knoedown 3

Elysburg, PA – September 2015 marked the third annual Knoedown event at Knoebel’s Amusement Park. The show is put together by some friends of ours – and two huge names in the current car scene and clothing line community – Junkstyles x Lowlifestyle and CounterKultur. Both brands join together to organize one of the coolest weekends in our scene. This show is all about having fun with friends and family. While they do give out awards to recognize some of the most impressive builds on display, the guys behind the event stress that the competition aspect of this event is far from top priority.  Knoebels Amusement Park – the largest free admission park in the country – creates a unique atmosphere for the event and helps set the tone for fun. Car owners get ride tickets and a lunch pass included in their vehicle display space and spectators can also join in on the group lunch which is cookout style food served in a giant pavilion so the show-goers can enjoy each other’s company together. It’s a very cool premise for a show and a great alternative to the growing number of elitist “send pictures to get approved” style events that have been popping up all over the east coast over the past few years. We also love the event because our JunkStyles x LowLifeStyle buddies always save a great spot for our Ford Transit Connect Wagon mobile command center. We need that prime location so that we can blanket the showfield – which this year grew to right around 500 vehicles of all breeds – with our WiFi signal for the judging portion of the event. This year the format was switched up to a Top 20 overall with a handful of creative specialty style awards. The Top 20 trophies were in the form of beer growlers, while the specialty trophies were laser cut, engraved, and anodized one-off metal designs that were donated by the geniuses at IDF (Innovative Design and Fabrication) and LowJambs DropShop. While we see them needing to bump up to a Top 25 at least in the future, we have to admit these were some of the coolest trophies we’ve seen at an event yet. We simply cannot wait to see what the JSxLLS and CK guys have in store for next year’s Knoedown event – and the streets are talking, telling us that these two iconic brands may team up to do another event as well. Count us in!

knoedown van

Southern Fried Festival

Hampton, VA - As the summer heats up, we took a trip south to team up with B-Rad Hoffman and the Live-Wire-Media crew once again. This time it was all about hot rods and muscle - of the classic and modern variety at Langley Speedway. Langley has been host to plenty of NASCAR events in its day and is located near a NASA facility featuring a wind tunnel. But on this hot August weekend it was host to the Southern Fried Festival - which features the outdoor version of the VA Hot Rod & Custom Car Show as well as great live music and an official sanctioned BBQ competition. Cars, music, and bbq - what more could you ask for in a proper event?


Of course we had our Ford Transit Connect Wagon posted up on the midway - in the infield. While impressive show and race vehicles were on display on the famous short track. We've said this before, but its always a great time when you're at a Live-Wire-Media event. This year has been a learning experience for us, and B-Rad has been a big help along the way. The competitors at his Hot Rod events are the true definition of southern hospitality... and they build some bad ass vehicles as well. We can't wait to see what is in store for the event series in 2016.


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